Team Lakay’s Danny Kingad tests negative for Covid-19

By Kevin Estrada

Danny Kingad nearly had a brush with the coronavirus as the Team Lakay flyweight bared that he tested negative on his Instagram account.

“The King” said Saturday night that he never went to the doctor when he had a fever or body pains, but this time he had chills so he had no other recourse.

“They advised me to get tested, so I did,” Kingad quipped, as he holds his test results that showed no traces of the dreaded virus.


He was bummed at first when he had to go to the hospital, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“It was uncomfortable and I felt like it was unnecessary to see a doctor pero iba na ang panahon ngayun,” he wrote, thanking his partner Jannine Dominguez who had been extra caring to him.

Still, the former Grand Prix finalist parlayed that ever-true saying that prevention is better than cure. And even cleared, Kingad advises everyone to follow every protocol for health and safety reasons.

We have to take all the precautions that are being advised if not for ourselves then for our loved ones.”

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