Rolando Dy draws extra motivation from baby daughter

By Jun Ray Navarres

Filipino MMA superstar Rolando “The Incredible” Dy finds new motivation in family to aim higher in international MMA stage.

Dy and wife Stephanie welcomed their first daughter Joy Gabrielle last year and according to the BRAVE CF lightweight contender nothing beats the inspiration a family can provide.

“My daughter is one of my inspirations, as well as my wife. As I mentioned in one of my post-fight interviews, I’m fighting for the betterment of my family. This kind of thought makes me stronger and tougher as a fighter and a person as a whole,” said Dy.

The 29-year-old Filipino fighter shared that raising his own child poses a challenge comparable to MMA.

“As a family man competing at the highest level of my sport, it is far more challenging. It has changed my life in terms of my priorities. However, it is fulfilling. Now that I am a family man, I cannot fail. It’s difficult, I know, but I love it! It brings out the best in me,” said the Caviteño.

“Fatherhood is a new horizon in my life. I must admit that I’m not ready for it. But just like MMA, I was trained to face my fear, fight, and conquer.”

“The Incredible” finally understands the hardships his mother, Jennifer Dy-Subastil, and uncle, James, who now serves as his manager overcame to raise him into who he is now.

Dy’s mom was forced to raised him and his older sibling alone since his father Rolando Navarrete reeled from the consequences of his rock-star lifestyle. His uncle provided the father figure for him.

“I owe who I am today to my mother and uncle. I have a loving and caring family that molded and raised me. Now that I have my own family, I will use what I learned from them to raise my child,” said Dy who works harder now that another life depends on him.

“It’s true that my father wasn’t around during my childhood and my teenage years. It’s one of the reasons why I am doing my best to be there for my daughter because I will not allow my daughter to grow up without a father.”

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