Stephen Loman accepts Fabricio Andrade’s challenge

By Jun Ray Navarres

Team Lakay Stephen Loman felt excited after newly instated ONE Bantamweight World Champion Fabricio Andrade called him out during the post-fight interview last Saturday, Feb 25 (Manila time).

The Brazilian fighter boldly declared war against the Ifugao native immediately after winning the belt against compatriot John Lineker in an all-out war at ONE Fight Night 7: Lineker vs Andrade II.

Andrade directly said that if Loman should want the belt, he should get it from him. The Sniper was quick to react to Andrade’s declaration.

“I felt thrilled when he mentioned my name.” shared the no. 3-ranked bantamweight.

“He knows I’m next on his list and for sure, I won’t back down from this fight.

Yet, Loman is not on a rush.

After watching the fight of the two Brazilian fighters, Loman also wanted to experience Andrade when he is in tip-top condition.

Andrade and Lineker showcased the best of their abilities inside the legendary Lumpinee Boxing Stadium to claim the coveted golden plated strap.

Lineker engaged mainly in the stand-up but also sought to stifle his younger Brazilian compatriot with eye-catching takedowns early in the fight.

However, Andrade stood his ground and found his groove, bombarding Lineker with long jabs and delivering his signature knees to the midsection.

“They went at it from the very beginning. They had no feeling-out process in the first round,” said Loman.

“They were able to absorb the damage well. John showcased his wrestling, but he also tried to knock Andrade out, so he stayed on his feet at times. For Andrade, he fully utilized his straight hands and beautifully set up his jabs and knees.”

But the exchange proved to be too much for Lineker as his face showed visible deformations at the end of fourth round.

His corner could not handle the damage and threw the towel before the start of the final round, surrendering the belt to Andrade.

“I didn’t expect the contest to end that way. I thought it would go the full route and go to a decision,” added Loman.

Nevertheless, the Baguio native is thrilled for his future match up against the division kingpin.

“I’d say, congratulations on the win. He performed well. I am ready to accept his challenge and I would love to fight him anytime, anywhere,” Loman declared.

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