Sangiao says Stephen Loman is ready to challenge Andrade

By Jun Ray Navarres

Stephen Loman has been the talk of town for the Bantamweight class ever since stepping into the Circle of ONE Championship and fans are excited to see what the Sniper could offer against the division kingpin, Fabricio Andrade.

Despite being a man with a few words, Loman’s performance has made the talking for him, placing himself the second spot in the ranking, and earning himself a sure meeting with Andrade.

And Team Lakay head coach Mark Sangiao assured everyone that he shared the same excitement, acknowledging the significance of the opportunity for his hard-hitting pupil.

“They did already announce Stephen is next for the World Title shot. We’re just waiting for the go signal. I told Stephen that he needs to prep because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We know Stephen’s a proven champion,” Sangiao said.

Even Andrade recognized this fact, calling out Loman after his win against John Lineker.

Truly, Loman has been making wonders since his first outing under the Singapore-based fighting organization assassinating Yusup Saadulaev, followed by a clear-cut unanimous decision win against former Shooto Bantamweight Champion Shoko Sato in March 2022.

Eight months later, Loman scored the biggest win in his career yet, taking down longtime Bantamweight champion, Bibiano Fernandes over the course of three rounds to position himself next in line for the golden plated strap.

Despite all this, Loman and Sangiao are working tirelessly for the coveted belt.

“Stephen is an exceptional athlete with immense talent and potential. He has been training tirelessly, refining his skills, and sharpening his techniques. We are leaving no stone unturned in our preparations for this fight,” assured Sangiao.

They both knew and saw the fact that Andrade is a huge threat, even to Loman.

The Brazilian fighter has a clean slate of 6-0 under ONE Championship, holding victories over the likes of Mark Abelardo, Sato, Li Kai Wen, Jeremy Pacatiw, and Kwon Won Il.

“We know Andrade’s at the top and he’s not just some fighter. Of course, if we’re going hard in the gym to prepare for it, I’ll give it a full 100 percent. The most important part right now is getting Stephen ready,” said Sangiao.

Andrade’s track record is also speaking for itself, but Loman will be ready when the day comes.

“Everything has to be on point for Stephen come the day of the fight itself,” added Sangiao.

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